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The description of Blade Of Kingdoms

The Blade of Kingdoms is originally called Three Kingdoms Blade, a game product from Creative Lab - one of the renowned development team the ARPG of Korean. Created by Korean game makers 4:33 and ActionSquare, the emphasis is on the rhythm of the rhythm and the sensation of COMBO. The super-high-quality shocking picture makes you love it.

Blade Of Kingdoms has dynamic and delicate pictures in good quality, the smooth ultimate action experience make your feeling beyond the classic three kingdoms miracle! In additions, players can challenge up to 120 levels to feel the magnificent worldview and story setting of the three kingdoms! In the game you can choose to use three military commanders, and freely switch during the battle. Each military commander has its own different actions and moves, except for the small soldiers sweeps, the game will also add other some gameplays. For example, the single-handed battle, construction of main cities, cities battle the hero battle of the world etc. Make sure to let players can feel the hottest three-kingdoms battles on the mobile phone.

Details about the game Blade Of Kingdoms

Game Blade Of Kingdoms during the Eastern Han Dynasty, the seemingly eternal dynasty began to decline because of the faint emperor and corrupt bureaucracy. At this time, people who grasp the chaos of the world and intend to swallow the world have appeared...

The diversified combination of interactive and exploratory functional elements and different team gain effects make every legendary famous player's ability to the fullest. At this time, you will lead the historical wheel, and in this troubled world, you will create your own dynasty.

How to play Blade Of Kingdoms

On Blade Of Kingdoms in order to participate in dramatic battles, players need to build a squad consisting of 3 heroes and close to the wings on the battlefield filled with enemies. Here the player can change the character at will and depending on preferences, situations as well as when the character in the squad is running out of blood. However, the special feature of the Blade of Kingdoms gameplay is in the display of flexible combat skills to be able to easily connect the combos that his champion owns together.

With the high level of quality of the extraordinary ARPG games, it also adds strategic elements such as expansion of architecture and resource production based on the collection of the three famous players, so that your military commanders and imperial cities are gradually stronger at all times.

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