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Category: Puzzle

The description of Mahjong King

Like most other “mahjong” games Mahjong King is not actually a digital version of the rather complex multiplayer mahjong game. Instead, it is an adaptation of mahjong solitaire, also known as Shanghai solitaire. In this single-player game, a set of mahjong tiles are laid out in an aesthetically-pleasing or symbolic pattern, and the player must remove as many of the tiles as possible by matching “open” tiles — those which are free to move horizontally in one or both directions — into pairs.

Comfortable game play Mahjong King tile game to remove the same picture with no time limit.

Main features of Mahjong King game

  • Difficulty is classified as easy, normal, hard, you can choose according to your skills.
  • Supports tablet devices.
  • Hints and shuffle items can be used indefinitely.
  • Added into five another Mahjong tile picture type is available.
  • You can match with another player in the world.
  • Supports Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Add map will be unlocked when you won multiplayer.
  • Fun game, free game, no wifi, no internet