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The description of Ocean Reef Life – 3D Virtual Aquarium

Dive into the virtual ocean of Ocean Reef Life - 3D Virtual Aquarium, where you can grow and care for an aquatic wonderland of marine creatures from colorful tropical fish to predatory sharks and massive whales.

Game visit your reef in the palm of your hand anytime. Watch your fish grow from babies to adults, then breed more! Collect hearts to buy bigger and better creatures. Enjoy 100% 3D and free movement, including VR and AR camera modes. With tons of beautiful creatures to discover.

With Ocean Reef Life - 3D Virtual Aquarium you will:

+ Freely explore your reef with several camera modes, you'll feel like your swimming inside!

+ Discover special breeding pairs and birth rare and valuable creatures. Complete goals to earn more bonuses and XP.

+ Grow, collect, breed, repeat! Use Pearls to speed up the and you'll have a burgeoning reef in no time.

+ Watch your creatures grow from tiny babies to mature adults ready to breed and product hearts.

+ Your creatures are always producing hearts! Keep them producing hearts and collect them when full.

+ Go for #1! See how you rank against players throughout the world, your country, or your city/state.

+  Over 40 marine creatures to unlock and buy in the Shop, with new creatures added each monthly.

+ Fill your 3D reef with over 50 beautifully realistic virtual ocean creatures from tiny colorful clownfish to gigantic blue whales.

+ Spin the Reward Wheel for bonuses and find the hidden Clam to get a Pearl bonus! You can also watch ads or play demos for daily rewards.

+ Interact with other users, visit their reefs and buy creatures from the marketplace.