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The description of Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner is a funny racing game free. The basic gameplay, which is to survive as long as you can, avoiding obstacles while collecting coins is the same.

Highlight features of Subway Princess Runner

- Rush as fast as you can
- Snow subway themed game
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics
- Influent screen touch & gravity control
- Double tap for skateboard, feeling the special running
- Best princess runner
- Grind trains with your cool crew
- Powerful music
- Get more and more gems
- Complete task, observe more reward of score multiplier.
- Upgrade all the properties to get endless power
- Challenge the highest score with world players

Subway Princess Runner Game Free Download For Android, IOS

Vibrant Graphics

The graphics look a lot like the game Subway Surfer. The game is set on a snowy subway. This is perfect for the holiday season. There are different characters to choose from, and there are trains and various obstacles to avoid while on the run.

Sound Effects

The sound effects is really good. The sound of the runner when hit by a train or by an obstacle makes it looks like you're the one being hit. The voice of the grumpy chaser gives you the zeal to run faster and manipulate easily. The background music can lull a baby to sleep.


There are different runners and you can choose anyone you love. The first runner you'll be able to choose is a young girl in a casual wear. There's a wrestler, a kung-fu fighter, a young lady, a zombie, a fencer, a robot, a drag queen, and a Zulu. There are 10 runners in total.

Upgrading/ Stores

You can upgrade your runners and their clothes by paying with the coins you collect during each playthrough..The gold coins collected on the way can be used to buy jetpack, super sneaker, coin magnet, and 2x multiplier. You can also purchase more coins in the store.

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