Everyone who has ever surfed the web has some time or another experienced an HTTP Error Message. And if you’ll like me, you simply close the browser tab and moved on to something else. In most instances, you really didn’t understand what the error message meant, just that the website you were searching for wasn’t working.

If you’ll a website owner, any problem with your site now becomes a very serious issue. Any time your website is down, shows errors, or is not displaying properly, it could mean losses instead of gains for your business.

If you encounter an error, hopefully, this infographic can shed some light on the meaning of the error. I posted some of the more common errors on this infographic. If you want to see the completed list of HTTP errors, you can view them at this Wikipedia link.

I always believed in displaying content in a visual way, as the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is much easier and faster to explain something in an “image.”

Click on image or here to view complete infographic.

Gerald Watanabe

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