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Category: Action

The description of Gangstar New Orleans: Open World

Gangstar New Orleans: Open World is a free action game that requires players to fight fiercely in the underworld of criminals.

In Gangstar New Orleans, you take to the streets as a criminal who is able to acquire guns and steal cars. You may run around the city causing mayhem and getting chased by the police, or you may choose a varied number of missions where you steal things and kill certain targets. Choose your own gaming style and choose your own way to have fun. After completing the assigned tasks, players will earn more experience points, own more cars and new weapons, gradually raising their rank in the criminal world.

This action game supports touch control methods, keyboards, mice and handles, in which the handle is the most ideal choice. Players can adjust the viewing angle by moving the mouse or clawing on the touchpad. The two joysticks of the handle will greatly support the player.

Key features in the game Gangstar New Orleans: Open World

  • Explore an open world with total freedom of movements.
  • Customize your character with the style of your choice.
  • Make your character evolve: turn him into an expert criminal.
  • Gather a wide range of weapons and drive whatever vehicles you need at each moment.
  • Take part in territorial battles: defend your space and attack the neighborhoods controlled by your rivals.