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The description of Vero – True Social

Vero was launched in 2015 and entered the testing phase, but recently surpassed Facebook and Instagram in terms of downloads on Google Play, App Store.

Content shared by Vero users will appear in addition to the newsfeed in chronological order posted, different from Facebook and Instagram. In addition, a plus for Vero is not to be bothered by advertising (up to the present time). That is probably why we are the most downloaded app worldwide this year. Featured is the best new app in over 100 countries.

Features of Vero - True Social app:

- 100% Chronological Feed
- No Data Mining
- No Ads. No Algorithms
- Own your own Content
- Share Photos, Videos, Links, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, and Places
- Direct message with your Connections

+ Easily Select Your Audience For Each Post

+ Easily Search Everything That's Ever Been Shared With You

+ Recommendations From Those You Trust

+Track Time Spent In-App

+ Original Content From Our Creative Partners