The physical nature of a developer involves sitting and manipulating a mouse with your hand for hours on end. In addition, many developers spend their free time sitting in front of a monitor enjoying their favorite hobby or recreation.
This could include playing video games, editing videos or photos, watching movies, or whatever relaxation that still puts you in the same chair and computer for another set of hours.
All this can eventually take its toll on your back, neck, wrists, thumb, and eyes. To prevent any physical aches, pains, and discomfort in the future, you need to make sure you have the right tools and ergonomics to function pain-free for many, many years.

Excerpt from Blog Post Developers Health and Ergonomics

The computer is the designer and developers number one tool. Many hours are consumed on a computer each day for completing their tasks. In addition, much of their free time is also spent on guess what? A computer, playing games, engaged in social media, watching movies, or just learning new web technologies.

With all this time spent on the computer, health issues may arise over time if a certain bad ergonomic or other condition is not fixed or rectified in time. Hopefully this simple infographic can help pinpoint potential hazards before a potential condition may arise.

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Gerald Watanabe

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