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I am sure everyone has one time or another had the need to create a poster to promote an event, to advertise something, or share some kind of viewpoint.

We are all busy with other things in life and if we need to create a poster, we want to design and produce something that looks professionally made in the fastest way possible.

Say hello to DesignCap, an online poster maker that is easy to use and you can create a high-quality poster in minutes. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch are awesome tools and has its place.

But to design and produce something fast, you need a tool that has the drag and drop element, that DesignCap does very well and the best feature of all, it FREE.

To get started, you simply go to


This is the DesignCap website.
You have two options available on their home page.
1) Start designing and downloading your poster or flyer without signing up.
2) Sign up, then start building your poster or flyer.

You may be wondering, why bother to signup for an account?
Good question, there are two reasons:
1) With an account, you can save a project and then return to edit it anytime you want.
2) More advanced features will be available in the future for those who have an account.
Signing up is totally Free!


Begin building your poster

Click on the huge orange button labeled Make A Free Poster/Flyer.


This will take you to your dashboard and a blank canvas.
Far Left column: Toolbar
Left column: Templates
Center: Canvas

Create Stunning Posters/Flyers in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose A Template

See the pevious image above, you have a choice of scrolling through screenshots of hundreds of templates for you to choose from.

Or, if you have a particular category (holiday, people, business, etc.), just select that category from the scroll down list showing all the templates that fit that appropriate subject matter.

Step 2: Add Elements


To further enhance your posters and flyers, you can upload your own photos or search through thousands of stock images to use. You can also choose from a large library of delicate elements for touch-ups including clipart images, shapes, fonts and more. [DesignCap]


Step 3: Customization


Customize at Will

DesignCap offers many professional editing tools for customizing your posters and flyers the way you want, such as adjusting size, position, rotation, changing text font, color, effect, alignment, applying specific background and managing layers. Nothing can stop you from unleashing your creativity to create amazing posters and flyers that will impress your audience. [DesignCap]



Just some customization examples that I tried myself.


Let’s add a clipart

  • I chose to add a Funny Clipart.
  • I then selected “Bang”: click on this image and it automatically is inserted into the template.
  • Next you can relocate (drag to position), resize, and rotate the clipart.
  • In addition, a clipart dialog box opens allowing you to perform additional edits.


Another Example



How about adding some text

  • On the toolbar, click on Text.
  • I chose Add Subheading.
  • Next, I selected the font as shown.
  • After inserting on template, you relocate, resize, and rotate the font.
  • In addition, a Font dialog box opens allowing you to perform editional edits.


To fully comprehend the full potential of all the elements that are available, you need to play and experiment with each element to see what they can do. The final result is dependent on how creative you can be.

Save and Download


Okay, so you designed your amazing poster, but your project is not completed until you are able to download something that you can use.


Easy to download

  1. Click the Save Icon.
  2. Assign a name to your project.
  3. Choose your image format.
  4. Select the size of your file to download.
  5. Click the SAVE Button.


“Feel Free to Share Us or Save for Free” dialog box appears.


Click on the “Save for Free Now” button

“Your Design is Ready to Download” Notice appears.


Normally you need to do nothing, your download will automatically ask where to save the file on your computer.

That’s it, you should have your design saved on your computer to share on social media, as an attachment to an email, or to print.



Everyone has one time or another had to create a poster or flyer for personal and work-related reasons.
Just a few examples:

  • Birthday, Retirement Party
  • Garage Sale, Moving Sale
  • Wedding, Baby Shower
  • Fund Raiser
  • Showcase a product
  • Promote a new business
  • Instructions for something
  • Grand Opening

For most of the examples above, you just want a tool that is simple and effortless to use.
At the same time, it has to have enough features to create a product that is of professional quality.
I believe DesignCap is this tool.

Reasons to use DesignCap:

  1. Online tool, you can use on any device, anywhere at anytime.
  2. Hundreds of templates.
  3. Thousands of Elements (Resources):
    • Photos
    • Cliparts
    • Shapes
    • Fonts
    • Backgrounds
  4. Easy to learn and use.
  5. More features coming soon.
  6. FREE

Almost perfect
Unfortunately, there is no FAQ for common issues, questions or problems that you may encounter.
The only way to connect with their support is through email via their Contact form.

For the price of $0.00, this is still an amazing resource to use.
Basically, I find no negative or cons at this price point.
You will even find a full tutorial to help you get started under Support if you scroll down to the footer.

Visit, and give it a test drive.
I think you will be amazed and probably be a tool you most likely add to your toolbox.


Gerald Watanabe

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