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On my last blog post, I showed how to manually setup Google Search Console for your website.
It was a step by step process, which included a video.

Since then, I discovered that Google had released a Beta version of the WordPress plugin: Site Kit.

It can setup and configure Google Search Console with a click of your mouse.
In addition, it will also connect Google Analytics, Adsense and Google Page Speed Insights to your website.
All in a simple installation process.

The only “manual labor” involved is installing this plugin manually because it is not currently in the WordPress Plugin Repository yet.

Check out my Youtube video below or click this link.

Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress.
This installation and setup are based on the Beta Version of the plugin.
Once this plugin is added to the Plugin Repository, it will be much simpler to install.



1) About Google Site Kit Plugin Google Website

2) Google Site Kit Developer Preview Documentation

Gerald Watanabe

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