Looking At Five Web Developer Surveys


Some developers relish the thought of studying statistics, data, and analytics that are related to the web design and development world.
Others may casually take a look and find the data interesting and move on.
In any case, you may find some of the results as surprising, fascinating, or even amusing.

So why do you want to look at a web development survey?:

  • Find out what technologies and platforms your counterparts are using.
  • Find out what tools and resources other developers are using.
  • Current trends in web development.
  • Help you make decisions on future direction of your business, what technologies to learn, and focus of your branding.
  • General information: gender data, demographics, developer levels, and tendencies.
  • Overview of attitudes, behaviors, and opinions from other developers.

Weakness of surveys:

  • Participants may not provide honest and accurate answers.
  • Participants may be confused on certain questions and not provide authentic response.
  • Results may be only from a sample-sized population and not from an overall population of developers.
  • Unbalanced feedback: the possibility exists where a certain demographic area or group (gender, position) may not respond so results may be biased.
  • Tech Biases: some of the responses may be due to preference such as CMS, platform, or technologies. They may have been using a certain tool for years and will not change even if the competition is much better.

The links to the five surveys I checked out are listed in the References below.
The overview of each survey is conducted in the video vlog below.

Web Developer Surveys VLog

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