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Everyone designer and developer knows about Atom, Brackets, Sub-Lime Text, Visual Studio Code, Text Mate, and Notepad++.
Just want to give shout out to some of these other text editors that may not be known, but are dynamic and can get the job done in an efficient manner.

Codelobster is actually a free cross platform (Mac, Win, Linux) IDE that I have tried and highly recommend.

It offers these standard features:
PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript highlighting; advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript autocomplete; a powerful PHP debugger; context and dynamic Help; a code validator; a SQL manager and much more…
There is also a Pro version that works directly with popular CMS and Frameworks


Textastic is a simple and fast text, code, and markup editor for Mac, Ipad, and iPhone. It supports syntax highlighting of more than 80 programmings and markup …
Textastic is a paid software but offers a free download and trial period.


Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages.
Bluefish is a Free cross-platform editor (Win, OSx, Linux)


Komodo Edit is a Free, simple, polyglot editor that provides the basic functionality you need for programming.
Looking for a powerful editor without all the advanced functionality that comes with an IDE?
Then Komodo Edit is for you.
Available for Win, Mac, and Linux.

Komodo IDE is also now free and is cross-platform compatible (Win, OS, Linux).
Get all the features you need for web and mobile development, including support for all your languages and frameworks.


Smultron is an open-source text editor for programmers that comes with a few interesting features, among them: syntax highlighting in several languages and the autocomplete function.
The viewing of documents is another of Smultron’s strengths. With it, you can view a document on full-screen, split the editor into two parts, or view it separately.
Documents can be organized by projects and separated using tabs on the program’s interface.
Available in the Apple Store for download Version 12 for $7.99


JEdit is a mature programmer’s text editor with hundreds of person-years of development behind it.
While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code.
The jEdit core, together with a large collection of plugins is maintained by a world-wide developer team.
Written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows.


The CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a full-featured web design system. With built-in S-Drive sync and real-time preview that updates HTML5 and CSS3.
The HTML Editor now supports HTML5 and CSS3. With this and other great tools like code completion, a comprehensive tag reference, built-in validation, and vibrant website themes you can create gorgeous, standards-compliant sites.
Free version available only for Windows.
A full-featured paid version also available for both Win and Mac: $29


PSPad editor is a programmers editor with support for multiple syntax highlighting profiles. It comes with a hex editor, CP conversion, text differences, templates, macros, spellcheck option, auto-completion, and code explorer.
Free and for Windows.

If you want to read more on IDEs, check out this post: 10 Best IDE Software


So why look at other text editors when you already have your go-to editor?

If you are like me, sometimes I just want to try out something different to see how it works, with a different working environment.
Sometimes you got to have fun doing your job.

Then again that’s just me.


1.0 Added link: 10 Best IDE Software

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