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The description of Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Happy Hop is an original endless hopper, very easy to play but at the same time very challenging!

In Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump you'll have to tap left or right to get to the next platform before it moves, breaks, or even disappears! On the way you'll find rare chests and piñatas filled with tons of cute costumes to dress your character and thousands of objects to decorate your house! Looks easy, right? Well, careful! Because this little game can be highly addictive :3 Give it a try and beat your friends' high scores!

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump works is simple as pie: you move between platforms by tapping the right or left side of the screen. The cutesy creature you’re playing jumps vertically between platforms, trailing a rainbow tail behind it. That said, to get as high as possible you’ve gotta stay away from all things white and take care with the special platforms you come across: ones with spikes, ones that fall out from underneath you when you step on them, and others that gradually disappear. Getting to the highest one at a quick clip won’t be easy – especially with your time bar continually flagging bit by bit.

“But, what’s a Miimo?”

Miimos are narwhals dressed as other animals ò_o You heard that right! They escaped from their original game Sweet Sins! Help them on this new adventure!

Your Miimo jumps up platforms to either the left or right. You choose which way by simply tapping on each side of the screen. There is timer that is always decreasing which you can replenish by collecting hearts. Actually, maybe its not a timer and its the health of your little Miimo. Either way if you don’t move it depletes so you need to keep on hopping.

Main features of Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

  • Simple and intuitive one-tap controls (tap left and right to jump between walls & platforms). The whole family can play and enjoy Happy Hop!
  • Super fun and addictive casual jumping arcade
  • More than 80 adorable Mimo animals are waiting for you: Little Goat, Alpacorn, Chicken, Whale and so on!
  • Gotta catch them all!
  • Doodle your way up on your rainbow while collecting hearts, stars & piñatas!
  • Achievements and leaderboards are integrated with Game Center. Battle your friends score!
  • Unique and stunning cute kawaii graphic style.
  • Miimoland! A secret world where you’ll get your Meemos by opening a cute egg!
  • Fly through +20 different landscapes
  • Special offers, pets and gifts will be added with holidays updates: St. Patrick, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and other limited time events!

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is an endless hopping game that lives up to its name because it really is “kawaii”, which means cute. The graphics of the game deserves five stars. The main characters, which are “miimos” are so charming. There are also several of them that you can unlock, although it takes time to collect them. It’s fantastic how there’s a rainbow-like shadow that follows them when they hop. The background also changes so you will not be bored. The backgrounds are as kawaii as the characters. So all in all, this game is an eye-candy

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is a free game that is easy to play and fun. It has adorable graphics and its background changes, preventing it from being bored. It has the right amount of challenge, and it’s casual so you can play anytime, or stop anytime you want. Playing Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is almost like living in a hit anime. Its contagiously upbeat soundtrack might make you feel like you’ve lost yourself in bright-blue cotton-candy skies, but it’s worth it.

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