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The description of Gun Shot Fire War

Gun Shot Fire War "3D FPS game. In the game you play the role of a great photography technology to kill elite. You will face armed armed terrorists, they are devastated. To complete the mission and not be destroyed by them, you must go out, you can use a variety of weapons and fire, including shotguns, rifles, machine guns, etc. to fight them.

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Main features of Game Gun Shot Fire War:

– Important is that the game is free, all things are free.Quickly pick up your guns and experience.

– There are several game modes available to players. Time limited Mode which you have a limited time to destroy the enemy, whether those tasks fail. In the Hostage mode, you should rescue the hostages whom controlled by the terrorist. Anyway you have to pick up guns and launched a desperate struggle with the enemy.

– The operation of the game is very cool, the game runs smooth, realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely gives you a straightforward shooting experience. Head shot,Blood,Sound,Effects,GamePlay,all things are perfect. What you have to do is bore the bullet pierced into body of terrorist.

– The game offers a variety of combat maps, such as the Desert II, Ice and Snow, the Persian Town, Dilapidated City.You will experience the fantastic fighting experience on this maps and will be shocked by realistic brilliant battle scenes.

– Each shoot an enemy, you will get gold award. You can use coins to buy more sophisticated guns or other useful items. You also can comparisons with other players to see who is more powerful and stronger. Your score will be uploaded to the rank.

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