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Build A Rotating Gear Set

How I built a animated gearset logo I always wanted to redesign my logo, creating one with animations.I actually began working on this project in late 2020, researching and experimenting with various CSS animation properties. It was one of those projects that had no planning, I would work on it one or two days a … Read more

Podcasts to Listen During This Quarantined Lifestyle

Update: This is an old post that never got published.Maybe this is a good time to release it, just something to do during this quarantine lifestyle we all are going through now. Another awesome way to learn web development stuff is by listening to some of the wonderful podcasts available. You can sit at your … Read more

13 Online Web Enviroments To Practice JS

Young coders today are so lucky!The tools I mention below makes learning and practicing so fun and enjoyable.In my day, you had to code in your text editor and refresh the browser every time you made an edit. Some of these environments also allow you to practice React and Angular right in the browser.No need … Read more

Submitted URL Not Found (404) How To Fix It

A Step by Step Process of How I Fixed This Google Alert The Work Flow Determine the problem Fix the problem Request validation (problem solved) Recieve validation approval If your website is registered with Google Search Console, you may receive alerts where Google has found an issue with your website.These tips are to help your … Read more

Web Development Surveys

Looking At Five Web Developer Surveys Some developers relish the thought of studying statistics, data, and analytics that are related to the web design and development world.Others may casually take a look and find the data interesting and move on.In any case, you may find some of the results as surprising, fascinating, or even amusing. … Read more