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Design and Prototyping Tools

Tools to help you design, prototype, mockup, web and mobile projects Why use a web prototype tool?Way before design and prototype tools were in existence, I remember creating a layout in Photoshop.I also have seen designers share hand-drawn sketches of their designs on paper.Since Photoshop, Adobe has seen the need for a tool that strictly … Read more

Basic Mobile Marketing Infographic

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing To Their Advantages People are busy, and most prefer to learn visually.Thank goodness for infographics, which are just one awesome visual learning tool available today.The creator of an infographic collects data, organizes it, and presents complex information in a very simple manner so you don’t need a college education to … Read more

Mobile and Web Application Development Backend Services

Cross Platform Services To Develop, Deploy, Manage and Test Web and Mobile Apps I was building a web app using React on my local machine and needed to test it live. Since I have the files stored on my local computer, I needed to stage the app so others can test and use this web … Read more

5 Simple Reason Every Business Needs A Website

If your small business does not have a website, you are not operating at your full potential I have met many small business owners who do not have their own website yet. Overall they are very successful in doing what they do. That’s why I can understand why they don’t feel a need for a … Read more

Learn Flexbox

I have been playing with and using CSS for many years, starting out with CSS2. When CSS3 was introduced, I began to look into the many new features and have used many of them. Two of the properties that I did not pursue until recently were CSS Animations and Flexbox. Recently, I had no choice but … Read more