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New Developer Tech2

Some new tech that you may be interested in. Make.cm Make is a dead simple media generation API that allows you to generate and process web content into images and PDFs (with more on the way). Our sole aim is to allow developers to create world-class applications and generation workflows, without the worries of scale, … Read more

13 Online Web Enviroments To Practice JS

Young coders today are so lucky!The tools I mention below makes learning and practicing so fun and enjoyable.In my day, you had to code in your text editor and refresh the browser every time you made an edit. Some of these environments also allow you to practice React and Angular right in the browser.No need … Read more

Scrimba: A Easy Way To Learn Code

What is Scrimba? Scrimba is the next-generation platform for learning how to code. Our screencasts enable you to interact with the code direc tly in the player. This way, you’ll have more fun and learn faster. Our courses subjects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, and more. It’s a new and cool way to … Read more

Mobile and Web Application Development Backend Services

Cross Platform Services To Develop, Deploy, Manage and Test Web and Mobile Apps I was building a web app using React on my local machine and needed to test it live. Since I have the files stored on my local computer, I needed to stage the app so others can test and use this web … Read more

Easy To Learn React JS

Some years ago, when I wanted to build WordPress on my computer, I had to download and install MAMP (Mac) or WAMP (Win) to simulate a server on my computer.MAMP stood for: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Everything you need to run WordPress on your stand-alone computer (Windows version; Apache, MySQL, and PHP for WAMP). … Read more