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Publii Pt 10 Deploying to FTP & Netlify with Speed Test
Feb 25, 2021
Of all the features I love about this static site generator is that moving your files to your server or serverless provider is fast, efficient and simple. You don’t need to be a web developer to deploy your website, and the process is so seamless and flawless it makes you wonder how can this be. … Read More

Publii Part 9
Feb 18, 2021
In this tutorial, I go through the steps to change the default home page to your own custom designed home page (Frontpage). Or you can set the home page to any post that you want to use. Virtually no limits as to what you want your visitors to view when they visit your website. …Read More

Publii Part 8 How To Update A Theme
Feb 11, 2021
Updating a theme in Publii is a very simple process.
In this video, I go through a step by step process in how I perform this action.
It is all based on the excellent documentation that Publii provides. …Read More

Website False Positive Malicious File Warning
Feb 2, 2021
I actuallly have been having this issue ever since I wrote a blog, “Fix A Hacked WordPress Website”. In this post, I embedded an actual malicious code as an example. When visitors view this post, a cache version of this post is automatically generated in the Content Cache Folder. This is exactly what you want, so the post can reload faster the next time it is viewed. …Read More

WordPress Using Analytics Plugin
Jan 29, 2021
Google Analytics is a very popular tool that the majority of websites use. It is also free and provides a wealth of information for the website owner. But lets face it, Google’s analytics dashboard is very intimidating at first for the newbie. There is a learning curve involved and UI is not the most impressive in my opinion. … Read More


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