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The description of Bowmasters

In Bowmasters is an action games. Players have to use the right angle and amount of force to hit their enemy from a distance, using such items as a bow and arrow, bricks, and pointed sticks. When struck, players and their opponents not only bleed, but their skin flies off, revealing their skeleton below, though it's all done with a rather cartoony art style. Download Bowmasters app free for mobile now!

How to play Bowmasters game

You use your finger to determine the angle and the amount of force you need to shoot an arrow, toss a brick, or fling a javelin at someone standing far away. Do it right, and you'll nail them, maybe even kill them. There's even a cool variety of characters -- including a briefcase-throwing Investor and a streaming gamer who flings her gamepad -- though don't be surprised if the lawyers for Groot, Mario, or Rick from Rick & Morty get the more blatant rip-offs removed. But while this can be fun and challenging, especially since every character has their own weapon, it's kind of just the same game over and over.

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The Good

  • Simple to learn
  • Great stress relief
  • Plenty of characters to unlock

The Bad

  • Gets repetitive after a while
  • So many ads