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The description of Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is funny action games free for Android, ios. In this game, player has to defend his house in all out attack form the animals in the jungle. And! The animals are zombies which makes them crazy and resilient. The game offers 3 episodes stretching over 54 levels. As the players advances the levels gets much more difficult and skilful. The gameplay is simple enough. The player has to aim and shoot at the side where the animals are advancing from. The player has also the availability of upgrading his weapon at the start of the level and switching between weapons during the level.

Swamp Attack games features

- DRAG AND DROP the explosives onto the monsters.
- Shoot with different guns by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
- Don’t miss a beat – SWITCH between weapons during the action!
- Drink a potion to CONTINUE PLAYING if you get killed, or to instantly top up your energy.
- UPGRADE and equip yourself with guns and bombs before starting a new level.

Graphics & Sound: The game looks very cartoony and funny. They have spent a lot of time to make the game look nice and they didn’t spend this in vain. Same goes for the sound, as there is a nice banjo tune playing in the background and the shotgun effects are great.  Download Swamp Attack app free at


  •  Funny and polished graphics
  •  Strategic one finger gameplay
  •  Tons of weapons and upgrades


  •  To access upgrades you need to play a lot or spend real money