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The description of Gangstar Vegas – Mafia Game

Review & Download Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game For Free

Gangstar Vegas - Mafia is an action, crime game. In this game, you play as Jason a professional mixed martial artist who is on a fight for the boss. You will try to survive the crime filled city and also complete each mission you are given.

You have some equipments and guns for you and you can also upgrade your equipments.You can also play blackjack poker and also participate in races. The great thing about this game is the size of the maps, 8 times larger than the previous gangster series. Download Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game free for mobiles now!

- CONTROLS: The controls of this game is good with simple on screen controls.

- VISUAL EFFECTS: No much visual effects in the game, but the few it has really fit well into the game.

- GRAPHICS: The graphics and overall visuals of this game is good, the environments and cars look really great.

- SOUND: The sound and sound design of this game is really good and really adds to the gameplay.

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Top features of Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game

  • UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS for more deft theft, sharper sniper strikes, and better race-car control.
  • Fight through 80 MISSIONS full of action, auto races, shooting & more.
  • Access INSANE WEAPONS like Molotov cocktails, sniper rifles, flamethrowers & an electric guitar!
  • Raise clans of criminals to strike enemies from the shadows.
  • Drive CRAZY VEHICLES like monster trucks, muscle cars, tanks & fighter jets.
  • Kill zombies, box robots, and strike out against the shadow clans of HELL!
  •  CUSTOMISE YOUR GEAR to look like a robot, boxer, zombie, or whatever you want!
  • Play as a mixed martial arts star whose dreams of being champ will clash with a world of theft, gang wars, zombies and more in a BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE.