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The description of Pinterest

Pinterest is generally a good example of positive social networking with lots of practical purpose and creativity in the vast majority of pins.

Pinterest makes it easy to categorize clothes, accessories, art, and other items you find interesting. Just add the "Pin It" button to your bookmarks bar and click on it to add any website image you like to one of your boards. Users categorize their Pinterest boards by topic, such as fitness or food and drink. That makes it easy to search for other users with similar tastes; you can repin their picks or post comments about them.

Main features of Pinterest

1. Article Pins: Article pins are truly wonderful for the bloggers to promote their articles. By using this feature they can produce valuable information about their article and also offer information about their title, site as well as description.

2. Cinematic Pins Feature: Cinematic Pins is a surely the best feature for promoting your pins. They can be activated through scrolling and resemble GIFs.

3. Native Video Feature: Now it is possible to create videos within Pinterest ! Thanks to the Native video feature which has made it happen. As a video bandwagon, Pinterest has come up with this great feature for its users4. Pinterest Email:- As an Email feature has been rolled out in Pinterest, so it becomes very easy to the pinners to send their pins to other pinners whom they follow

5. Lens: With Lens feature, you search has become much more easier. To use that feature you can take a snap of anything such as any dress or embellished stilettos and it will provide you recommendations for similar things on Pinterest as well as the method to style these articles.

6. Pinterest Ad Groups: Pinterest application has much more to offer to its users. It is made the work easier for the advertisers to manage their ad campaigns by way of groups.