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The description of Gmail

Gmail is a secure and user-friendly email service. It offering free functions and tools. It includes spam filtering that automatically detects junk mail and keeps it out of your inbox, free cloud storage, IMAP support and a message translator so you can keep in touch with anyone in the world, regardless of whether you share a common language. Gmail includes instant messaging and video chat, plus it connects directly with popular social media pages to import contacts into your Gmail address book.


Gmail is easy to use. It is a well thought out tool that can be used as a quick form of communication for business and for life in general. The emails arrive quickly and send in a timely manner, making for easy conversation. The inbox is organized into three different categories; primary, social, and promotions. It makes for an easy direction.


There is no way to be logged into multiple gmail accounts at one time. You want to be able to switch from business email to personal, but there's no way to do the opposite