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The description of Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun app that allows you to talk to friends through a picture that can only be viewed for a short amount of time before it disappears. This is a great app to use when you want to quickly send pictures to friends, but know they aren't anything of significance worth saving.

What do you like about Snapchat ?

  • Snapchat is one of the most favorite mobile app, especially because it allows you to keep in touch with friends using text messages as well as the images you use. Of course, you can also send text and video calls.
  • One feature called Geofilter. You can add photos to the app depending on where you are. This is very useful if you do not want to add a text field.
  • Available for free on iOS and Android devices.

What do you dislike?

  • Snapchat's biggest drawback is that it does not support Windows Phone.
  • On some phones, the quality of the image may deteriorate, and the image may be blurry and fuzzy.
  • Runs slowly on older devices.