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The description of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to chat over text, SMS, video, voice, or encrypted messaging and has tons of fun stickers to boot. Best of all, everyone you know probably has an account already.

The main functions of Facebook Messenger:

  • Send a Message: just send a message. Facebook Message seamless across devices.
  • Share Photos And Videos: Capture the moment with the Messenger Camera, add a filter or doodle, then send to friends or share to Stories.
  • Send a Voice Message: When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send say, sing or shout it out loud on Facebook Messenger.
  • Rally The Group: Make plans to get together with polls, share your location, split the bill and more.
  • Show Your Reaction: Add a silly sticker, send a dancing GIF and use emojis to express yourself better.
  • Play Games With Friends: Challenge friends, climb leaderboards, and discover your next gaming obsession.
  • Chat With Businesses: Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more.
  • Send Money Securely and Easily: (within US, UK and France only) - Send and receive money from friends in the app by adding your debit card or PayPal account. PayPal available in the US only.
  • Share Your Location: Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps.
  • Hop On a Call or Video Chat: Hang out anywhere, anytime by getting on call or a group video chat — filters optional)Calls are free over Wi-Fi but otherwise standard data charges apply.

The brand new, redesigned Messenger app is now easier to use, simpler to navigate and more fun. Messenger has been simplified into three tabs—People, Chat and Explore:

  • People tab helps you find friends, both new and old.
  • Explore tab connects you to your favorite brands, find discounts, play games and more in explore.
  • Chat tab lets you quickly access all your messages, video chat, call, use the camera and even catch up on friends' Stories.
  • Plus, new color gradients make your chat more colorful too!

Why should Facebook Messenger be used?

+ Everyone You Know:

The main page of Facebook Messenger is broken down into several handy sections. It also smartly leverages Facebook information, like reminding you about birthdays.

+ Multifaceted Messaging:

  • Facebook Messenger is more than just text messages. You can send stickers, images, GIFs, and even use third-party services like Uber and Lyft. It's incredibly powerful.
  • Secret Conversations: You can now send messages that are encrypted end-to-end over Facebook Messenger. Unlike regular messages, neither Facebook nor law enforcement can read these missives.

+ Chat Head Bots:

Chat Heads let you quickly view and reply to Facebook Messenger conversations and SMS messages anywhere on your Android device. Chatbots expand what Messenger can do by linking you to third-party services and information.

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