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The description of Hago

There have been plenty of social media, like Instagram, Path, Facebook, and many more. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. While some like Instagram, this app enable you to share your awesome picture, and Facebook famously can share your status. There are none that really connect the people in real time. Today, we will give you a great app that you can use to connect with your friends or meet up with a new people in real time. The app is called Hago.

Hago is a social media for gamers, it lets you play games while having a real people playing with you in a real time. There are tons of new casual games like knife hit, sheep fight and many other, that is being updated weekly. The app lets you connect with any player everywhere, and you can also socialize with them via voice chat.

What can you do with Hago?

+ Play Games, Make Friends: Get connected LIVE with gamers from different locations. Hop onto the PK battle, play and chat at the same time!

+ Get Acquainted: Get to know more friends in-game, indulge in fun conversations and enjoy the game together!

+ Exciting Battle: Expect weekly new additions to cute and cool games such as Sheep Fight、Knife Hit 、Fun Link and many more! Never the same!

+ Rapid Progression Game: Play anywhere and anytime! 3 minutes is all it takes to play to your heart's end!

+ Connect with Players Everywhere: Get online and high with gamers via voice chat anywhere — LIVE!

App Hago is a great way to chat and to interact with other while having fun with them. It is also great to kill some time while playing the game with other people. It is truly like playing a game with your friends real time. Of course, the app isn’t perfect, it got some problem with the voice, and mostly connection problem, but it is bearable.